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Welcome to the Cunning Fox Golf Society


The Cunning Fox Golf Society was formed after Steve Roberts’s stag trip to Le Touquet in September 2007. It wasn’t immediately apparent to us that there was a member of the group that many years later would turn out to be self-centred and discourteous. Little did we know that we had a guardian angel in the form of a Fox that was hard at work looking out for us all those years ago. In an attempt to curtail the members golfing activities our guardian angel stole a golf shoe from his porch. When that didn’t work he resorted to the more drastic measure of stealing his clubs. The signs were there, we just didn’t recognise them until in 2019 we returned to the town where it all began. We have grown in numbers over the years and remain a welcoming society and are all indebted to that “Cunning Fox” who tried so hard to warn us of what lie ahead. We will be more vigilant in the future for the good of us all.

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